Digital Marketing

With our digital marketing strategies, we are solely focused on high quality, unmatched, and measurable marketing results.

Social Media Marketing

With our social media marketing strategies, we work to provide the greatest ROI on your social media ad spend.

Social Media Management

We help you define your Social Media goals & develop a realistic strategy with you.
Digital Marketing for
Local Businesses
We are an experienced and talented team of passionate consultants who live and breathe digital marketing.
We have developed online strategies for small and medium sized businesses across many industries in the US.

How CryptIQ Media Can Help

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.

Website Review

We analyse your website’s structure, internal architecture & other key elements.

Website Hosting

Our team provides hosting options for local business websites.

Digital Media Audit

We research and review your digital footprint and provide tips on how to improve it.

Social Media Marketing

Our team works with you to create an online advertising strategy for success.

Social Media Management

We provide solutions to manage your social media presence for engagement and growth.

Reporting & Analysis

We love data and provide monthly reporting on visibility, analytics, conversions & revenue.
Free Digital Media Audit

Discover Where Your Business Ranks & How To Improve It
Your Free Digital Media Audit will cover the following topics:
  • Where you stand from an internet marketing perspective (What’s doing great  vs. What’s not doing so great).
  • What you can do to instantly improve/increase sales/appointments from your digital marketing efforts.
  • Resources, Tools, and Recommendations you can use to implement these changes yourself.
How to tell if you need help...

Not Social Media Savvy

In order to be successful at something, you must understand it. Social media is no exception to this rule.

You're Stretched Thin

As your business grows, you won't have the time to manage all your social media accounts.

You're Not Hitting Targets

You're not reaching all your goals for growth and spending too much time stressing about how to utilize social media and not other marketing efforts.

Social Media is Last

You are focused on running your day to day business operations and updating social media is prioritized last.
I Can Manage My Own Social Media! Right?
  • You save money by handling social media yourself.
  • You are in complete control of all social media content put out by you.
  • You have to be familiar with and know how to use social media and SEO effectively to be successful.
  • You have to prioritize time for social media each day posting content and responding to customers in a timely manner. (usually an additional 30+ hours per week for social media.
  • You have to set up and track all your social media campaigns. This could be website updates, email marketing, or online ads.
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